Mental Health Challenge

The Mental Health Challenge has successfully encouraged local authorities across Engalnd to appoint a mental health champion. These champions are responsible for ensuring that mental health remains prominent on the local government agenda and improving mental health in their communities.

Ten action points have been set out, which help local councils to promote mental health across all of their business. MHPF is one of the organisations that have come together to pledge their support to these champions by:

  • Providing resources (for example published evidence, expert opinion and briefings) to help councils to take local action in support of the strategy.
  • Offering networking opportunities and peer support for mental health champions, including an annual meeting and through use of electronic media.
  • Recognising and acknowledging publicly the councils that sign up to the challenge and the ‘champions’ they appoint.

We are very proud to be able to support this movement through the Mental Health Strategic Partnership, voiced here in a statement by Kathy Roberts:

“The appointment of mental health champions in local authority is an important step in ensuring better support for local services addressing mental health needs. It will increase the voice of many who are affected by mental ill health, improve the understanding of mental illness and strengthen communities. We have seen mental health feature increasingly on government agenda and amongst national health and social care providers – it is crucial this filters down to a local level, where affective changes can be made in service provision. We are glad to see councils making a commitment to improving mental health services and joining the Mental Health Challenge, and offer our support to them to best address the needs of local communities.”

Find out more about the challenge and spread the word to your local council.