Mental Health Consortia Workplan

Overview of current programme of work:

Our work streams during the 2014-2015 parnership were:

  • Parity of esteem - public and patient involvement work for NHS England parity programme
  • Integration and person centred support and care
  • Research on impact of housing issues on mental health
  • Informing PHE Dementia policy
  • Service user reference panels
  • Support for Mental Healthwatch
  • Local Authority Mental Health Challenge

Following on from the success of these, we are currently undertaking a number of agreed work streams as a part of our commitment to this programme in 2015-2016.

  • Continuation of work influencing PHE Dementia Policy
  • Bringing the service user voice into strategic partner work
  • Local Authority Mental Health Challenge
  • Implementation of the Care Act
  • Cost benefit analysis of mental health pathway in criminal justice