The Recovery Star and resources

In 2008 MHPF, with Triangle Consulting, worked with service users and several of our members to develop what is now the Mental Health Recovery Star – a key-working and outcomes measurement tool.

Research in 2009 addressed the cultural relevance of the Recovery Star. This led to development work which brought in stronger concepts around spirituality, community support and communications. We also looked at the language and made it more client focused.

The Recovery Star tool, which was recommended by the Department of Health New Horizons programme (2009), has been developed for use in adult services. As a key-working tool it enables staff to support individuals they work with to understand their recovery and plot their progress. As an outcomes tool it enables organisations to measure and assess the effectiveness of the services they deliver.

Core dimensions of the Recovery Star

  1. Managing mental health
  2. Physical health & self-care
  3. Living skills
  4. Social networks
  5. Work
  6. Relationships
  7. Addictive behaviour
  8. Responsibilities
  9. Identity & self-esteem
  10. Trust & hope

Resources and support

MHPF are no longer able to offer Mental Health Recovery Star resources.  For information on how to access these resources please contact