Health and Social Care

The introduction of the Care Act 2014 has meant there are a number of changes to the way people receive care and support. These changes are designed to put people in control of the care and support which they receive, with decisions being made in consideration of a person’s wellbeing and what is most important to them. 

There are several new duties for local authorities. They need to ensure that information and advice is available for people to make informed decisions about the care and support they need, and offer the opportunity for a choice of care and support provider. There is also a focus on much-needed preventative services, to help prevent people in local areas from developing needs for care and support.

The Care Act 2014 has been shaped with the intention to bring health and social care closer together, to ensure that co-ordinated, joined up care is available for all. The aim is to provide better support for people between NHS services and the care and support provided by the community, with less people falling through the cracks and a reduction in unnecessary hospital stays. A number of commitments have been made to ensure co-ordinated health and care is the norm by 2018. 

These changes have an impact on mental health care and service providers, and MHPF offers guidance and support to its members during their implementation and development. We will be providing our members with regular updates on the Act itself, the Better Care Fund and opportunities to raise and discuss the challenges which will arise in some health and social care settings.