Housing Forum

One outcome from MHPF’s work on mental health and housing is the formation of a National Forum on Mental Health and Housing. Hosted by the Department of Health, the forum brings together government departments, arms length bodies and key stakeholders from across the statutory and voluntary sector to explore the challenges in relation to access to suitable housing or accommodation for people with mental health problems. 

The Forum aims to faciltate shared understanding of the key issues, barriers and evidence for what works in the provision of housing for people with mental health problems. A better understanding of where the gaps in service provision are will inform how best to work towards providing suitable housing options for all and where there might be potential for improved collaborative working between organisations.

In addition to identifying the core principles of good practice, members of the Forum review and disseminate best practice and guidance to support providers and joint working between sectors. By working together, each stakeholder hopes to lead the way in the development of innovative housing models.

If you would like further information on the National Housing Forum, please contact a member of the MHPF staff.