How to join MHPF

If your organisation would like to join Mental Health Providers Forum in shaping the future of mental health service delivery please ensure you fulfill our criteria

Full membership

This is open to voluntary sector organisations that directly deliver services, including not for profit social enterprises and  Registered Social Landlords that deliver support for clients with mental health needs.

Our full list of criteria will tell you if your organisation is eligible for our membership

  1. Membership is only available to not for profit voluntary sector organisations and charities providing mental health services
  2. Provision of health and social care services to people with mental health needs must be a key strategic objective
  3. Members must be committed to delivering high quality, recovery-based services which involve service users in development and monitoring
  4. Members must be committed to working in partnership to further the objectives of the Forum, in the best interests of the wider sector
  5. Membership is subject to payment the annual fee that is set and will be reviewed annually

Annual fees will automatically renew unless you provide MHPF with at least 3 months’ notice of your intent to not retain membership. The support of our members through paying these annual fees will be vital to ensuring the future development of the Mental Health Providers Forum.

Our membership fees are based on your organisation’s annual turnover

(Membership fees for 2015/16 excl. of vat)

  • Over £25 million turnover: yearly fee at £5,000
  • £5 million to £25 million turnover: yearly fee at £3,750
  • £1 million to £5 million turnover: yearly fee at £1,611
  • £750,000 to £1 million turnover: yearly fee at £537
  • £150,000 to £750,000 turnover: yearly fee at £408
  • Less than £150,000 turnover: yearly fee £204


Associate membership

MHPF also currently offers an associate membership option for those organisations that uphold the same values and principles of MHPF but who are not eligible for full membership.  Associate members are able to use MHPF as an access point to the mental health voluntary sector but do not receive the full benefits of membership.  If you are interested in becoming an associate member please get in touch using our contact form.