Mental Health and Criminal Justice

Aware that many people in the criminal justice system are coping with a mental health problem and not receiving the support they need, MHPF is working with partners in the Strategic Partnership Programme to improve recognition of the voluntary and community service providers working effectively in this area.

People in contact with the criminal justice system often come from backgrounds and circumstances which are complex and can find their mental health problems excaerbated by their experience. Frequently they will reoffend, self-harm or commit suicide without appropriate treatment or rehabilitation.  

MHPF and its partners are collating evidence on services which are effectively supporting people with mental health problems within the criminal justice system. There is currently some excellent person-centred work in the sector and developing an improved range of services offers an opportunity to reduce cost both in monetary and human terms. A selection of case studies presented by MHPF and Clinks demonstrating effective work in criminal justice and mental health is now avaliable

Further information about this project will be available soon.