Data and Technology

Given the changes and developments in the use of data and technology across health care, information about the mental health voluntary sector and the services on offer will be more accessible for all. There are also opportunities to explore and build on the potential for improvements in health and wellbeing through new technologies.

MHPF will be keeping members up to date with relevant developments in the use of data and technology which may affect and improve service provision for patients and citizens. MHPF is also able to offer members the opportunity for their services to be listed on NHS Choices, where people can have better access to their local services. If you are a MHPF member and would like to know more please contact Edward Strudwick at

The National Information Board is overseeing plans to transfrom outcomes for patients and citizens using data and technology. Further information about the NIB can be found on their website, which sets out priorities under the following workstreams:

  • 1.1: healthcare information and transactions
  • 1.2: access to endorsed NHS and social care apps
  • 2.1: setting technology and data standards
  • 2.2: better data about the quality of care received
  • 3: making the quality of care transparent
  • 4: building public trust in use of health data
  • 5: supporting innovation and growth in healthcare
  • 6: making best use of data and technology
  • 7: ensuring best value and opening up infrastructure