About Us

MHPF is a platform which represents its membership, facilitating collaborative and co-operative partnerships across the voluntary and community mental health sector. It is an organisation which promotes innovation, working to shape and grow the market, influence and evidence best practice and achieve the best possible outcomes for individuals.

Our strategic objectives are governed by our over-arching priority to sustain and grow the market. Our focus is to:

  • Represent members, service user involvement and engagement
  • Influence mental health policy and strategy
  • Best practice profiling, promotion and support
  • Facilitate networks and engagement to increase the voice of the voluntary mental health sector
  • Foster partnerships and collaboration to strengthen the capacity of the sector and individual organisations to improve service provision
  • Development of Frameworks and Guidance to support members in the new system
  • Support safer practice
  • Develop positive outcomes
  • Support equality and parity in service development and implemention
  • Articulate and promote service users concerns about their experience of mental health services.

We are united by our desire to improve the quality of care for people with mental health needs and the outcomes of services provided.