MHPF continues to be the leading voice representing voluntary sector mental health service providers across England.

News & features

  • MHPF facilitated a national consultation with care providers on the impact of the implementation of  DOLS following a recent ruling and changes to the safeguarding procedures within care settings.

  • A booklet has been published which highlights the important initiatives and developments to improve interaction of the Police with vulnerable people, particularly those with mental health issues.

  • MHPF welcome the focus on the community and voluntary sector in the NHS Five Year Forward View. Previous misconceptions that the sector equates to volunteering have been rectified with an understanding of the range of support, advocacy and service provision on offer.

  • The Maternal Mental Health Alliance commissioned a report on the social and economic costs of perinatal mental health problems in the UK.

    The report was launched yesterday and found the cost to be arounf £8.1 billion a year with one fifth of that borne by the NHS and social services. It has encouraged the MMHA to urge the government and health commissioners to take considerable steps to improve care services for perinatal women with mental health issues and ensure they are getting the care they need.