MHPF continues to be the leading voice representing voluntary sector mental health service providers across England.

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  • On Monday 10 October, we recognised World Mental Health Day – a global initiative for mental health education, awareness and advocacy. We wrote special blog posts about the importance of engaging with the voluntary sector to raise awareness of mental health, and about this year’s theme psychological and mental health first aid for all.

    Our members and associate members also organised a number of events and activities…

  • Most health and adult social care services in England are providing people with safe, high-quality and compassionate care – but pressures are rising on demand, access, and cost - according to the Care Quality Commission whose annual Report to Parliament on the state of health and social care was launched today. The report looks at the trends, highlights examples of good and outstanding care, and identifies factors that maintain high-quality care.

  • Today is World Mental Health Day - a global initiative, held annually on this date since 1992, for mental health education, awareness and advocacy. It is observed each year by thousands of supporters worldwide - individuals, organisations and countries – who through an awareness programme of events and activities bring attention to mental health problems and its effects on people’s lives.

  • On Thursday 15 September, the Government announced that the proposed cap on Local Housing Allowance for people in supported accommodation is to be deferred until 2019/20, at which point a new funding model, maintaining current levels will be introduced. This policy change has come about as a result of significant pressure from across the supported housing sector including the National Mental Health and Housing Forum co-chaired by MHPF.