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  • Together for Mental Wellbeing undertook a study which revealed that every pound spent on peer support yields a social return worth £4.94. Peer support takes place when people with experience of mental distress support each other towards better wellbeing, as people of equal value and on a reciprocal basis, using their own lived experience of mental distress as a tool for support.

  • The Prime Minister visited mcch’s Wellbeing Centre on Monday 9 January to talk about her vision for improved mental health provision and to hear from people who use services what’s important for them. This followed her earlier speech about the need to improve mental health nationally.

  • In a speech to the Charity Commission today Prime Minister Theresa May, promising a mental health care overhaul, pledges to help schools and employers in England deal with the “hidden injustice” of mental illness. The Prime Minister outlines a number of measures designed to give equal priority to mental and physical health, transform attitudes to mental health, and to use the state to create a ‘shared society’.

  • Figures released today are revealing the serious problem of delayed discharge from mental health trusts and the impact this is having on both the trusts and people who use them. Analysis has shown that over 17,500 bed days were lost in October 2016 alone with the main cause being a lack of social care and community support packages.